Once Upon a Line

Once Upon a Line cover

What is Peace?

Where do stories come from? How do ideas begin?

One rainy night, Wally’s family finds an old steamer trunk in the attic. Inside is a pile of paintings drawn from a single line from an enchanted pen. They could only belong to Uncle George, who believed that all stories begin with one line and a rich imagination.

Award-winning author and illustrator Wallace Edwards explores the world of storytelling through a single pen line that grows into an image and the first line of a new story. Readers will be inspired to finish the simple stories that begin with “Once Upon a Line” or use the enchanted story line to tell their own unique tale. A key at the end of the book identifies the single line that is at the core of each image. An absorbing book filled with paintings rich in detail and colour.

Written and Illustrated by Wallace Edwards

Publisher: Pajama Press, 2015

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